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Members will be aware of the periodic recognition of fellow Members by the awarding of a Paul Harris Fellowship. These Members have rendered conspicuous service within Rotary at Club level or beyond and this is reflected in the level of the Award and the consequent financial contribution to the Rotary Foundation.


For many years a standing Committee (Awards Committee) has identified Members worthy of special recognition and also, assessed those nominations brought forward to it for consideration.


The current members of the Committee; Fiona Lavan, Bill Little, Rob Taggart , Paul Ward-Harvey, Andrew Wawn and ex-officio member President Jackie Charlton have for some time sought to make the Committee activities more transparent and better understood within the Club. In doing so, it hopes to set in train an orderly succession from the current “long-standing Club elders” to their natural heirs and successors!


To this end, they have drafted the following Charter under which the Committee operates and which has recently been approved by the Club Board. It is provided for your information. Committee Members would welcome any questions directly or expressions of future interest in serving on this now, not so secret Committee







  1. Purpose

  • The Awards Committee assists the Board by receiving, initiating, assessing and recommending nominations for Rotary recognition.

  • The Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining the integrity, internal consistency and relativity of Club awards.

  1. Authority

  • Committee Members are appointed by the Board.

  • The President is an ex-officio Member.

  1. Membership

  • Committee Members are appointed for 3 years and retire with the effluxion of time. Subject to Board approval, they may be appointed for a further period as agreed.

  • Members are experienced Rotarians who have a broad perspective on Club activity and Member contribution.

  • The Committee shall generally comprise 3-5 Members excluding the President.

  • A quorum is 3 Members

  1. Meetings

  • Meetings are held at least quarterly with timing appropriate to allow for full consideration of nominees and consequent related administration. Ideally Award presentations are made at major Club calendar events (e.g. Changeover / Christmas Cruise) but may be made at any time.

  1. Specific functions of the Committee

  • The Committee assesses nominees against a framework of Impact and Duration. 

  • Nominees are benchmarked against previous award recipients.

  • The Committee recommends nominations to the Board and causes presentation to be made.

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